Arusha is one of the smaller parks in Tanzania but is very enjoyable to journey through with its two Lakes, and to view the wildlife. Especially with such a knowledgeable, wildlife lover as our Driver/Guide Frank Saria. I swear he has eyes all the way round his head. We were extremely lucky to have him with us as he had a great respect for the wildlife and also a good grasp of positioning us to get some decent photo's. Like all the Northern Tanzanian parks the vehicles are not allowed off road and of course passengers are not allowed out of the vehicle except at designated points, picnic areas, toilets etc. The toilets in the parks put the UK ones to shame. You might be twenty miles from the nearest inhabited building when you come across a toilet, usually at a picnic point and it will be tiled out, white painted and beautifully clean. A credit too the park wardens.


'Our' Toyota 4 wheel drive vehicle had a lift-up roof for good viewing. Frank was deep in thought when I snapped him. The Acacia thorns were something to steer clear of.


We encountered this White Eye hanging upside down with its head twisted 180 degrees. Luckily I had the camera ready and managed the one quick photo. Water Buck and Wart Hogs were grazing near the lake.


Waders, Ducks, Lesser and Greater Flamingos, Glossy Ibis were around the shore.


We encountered this Francolin near the track side.


Walking back to the vehicle from the picnic area I spotted these two Dragonflies resting. There were many Giraffe in the park.


This Emerald Spotted Wood Dove was gritting on the track. The Dik Dik had crossed the road while the last one was happily feeding in the undergrowth only 5 yards from the car.


The waterbuck was quite some distance from the car but I managed the photo using the long end of my 300-800mm lens. The Common Fiscal Shrike was much nearer and the Black and White Colobus Monkey was feeding in trees near the road.


Recognised as Africa's most dangerous animal, the Cape Buffalo here were happily chewing their cud as they rested near a water hole. The Baboon with its baby climbed off the road for safety but the Augur Buzzard sat for a few minutes eyeing up its next meal


By early evening we were back at the lodge so I had a walk through the gardens taking pictures of this fruit ripening, Mouse Birds and Ground Squirrels both of which posed quite happily only five yards away.


I could not resist a picture of this flower which I think is Bougainvillea, the nearby Common Bulbul and although the light was fading this fluttering Butterfly feeding.


The first beetle was about 1 cm long but the other was around 4cm.


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