If you are lucky enough to live fairly near to a Falconry Centre then not only do you have the opportunity to see these magnificent birds but it is also a good place to practise photographing birds in flight. I consider myself very very lucky as I have 3 places within 25 miles of home to put my attempts at flight photography into practise. Two Falconers who have become my friends are the best in the country (my opinion and I stick to it) based in North Yorkshire and are contracted to display their skills and that of their Eagles, Owls and Vultures at Warwick Castle during the summer season where they also do Falconry Courses. For further details contact Chris O'Donnell at www.hawkexperience.co.uk. During the Winter they run courses, corporate days, Eagle Flying, Hunting etc from the Yorkshire base. See the website for more up to date information. The other place that is handy to me is the Yorkshire Dales Falconry and Conservation Centre near Skipton where some of the pictures shown here were taken although some of the larger Eagles are not there now. The Rabbit Hunting pictures were taken with Chris and Paul and their pal Brian on Pen-y-Ghent. 


Sydney-Bald Eagle-10x7-IC2F0631.jpg (27041 bytes)  Sydney-Bald Eagle-IC2F0628.jpg (80008 bytes)  Sydney-Bald Eagle-IC2F0630.jpg (32825 bytes)  Vera-Lappet faced Vulture-IC2F1755.jpg (70587 bytes)  Vera-Lappet faced Vulture-IC2F1761.jpg (83548 bytes)  Viking_8904_RT16.jpg (28839 bytes)  Viking_8909_RT16.jpg (45745 bytes) 

     Viking-IC2F0586.jpg (73035 bytes)  Viking-IC2F0764.jpg (30688 bytes)  Viking-IC2F0768.jpg (35665 bytes)  Viking-IC2F0794.jpg (30267 bytes)  Viking-IC2F0572.jpg (50898 bytes)  Viking-IC2F0825.jpg (39146 bytes) 

   Viking-IC2F1389.jpg (32400 bytes)  Viking-IC2F1655.jpg (46416 bytes)  viking-IC2F1973.jpg (42200 bytes)  Viking-IC2F2099.jpg (46329 bytes)  Viking-IC2F2234.jpg (37377 bytes)  Viking-IC2F2238.jpg (42858 bytes)  Viking-IC2F2243.jpg (39517 bytes) 

  Viking-White Tailed Eagle-IC2F0591.jpg (38454 bytes)  Viking-White Tailed Eagle-IC2F0592.jpg (45603 bytes)  Wesley-IC2F0735.jpg (29412 bytes)  Viking_8929_RT16.jpg (46264 bytes)  Viking-IC2F0839.jpg (45829 bytes)

An afternoons rabbiting with Chris, Paul and Brian plus two Goshawks and a Ferret.  

Chris - Goshawk - Ferret_P6E2842-01.jpg (90937 bytes)  Chris - Goshawk - Ferret_P6E2846-01.jpg (91409 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2818-01.jpg (82606 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2820-01.jpg (88203 bytes)  Goshawk - Brian - Rabbit_P6E2873-01.jpg (116256 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2821-01.jpg (76616 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2824-01.jpg (89798 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2827-01.jpg (109700 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2829-01.jpg (112517 bytes)     Goshawk after Rabbit_P6E2832-01.jpg (75081 bytes)  Goshawk after Rabbit_P6E2839-01.jpg (87658 bytes)  Goshawk after Rabbit_P6E2840-01.jpg (75106 bytes)  Goshawk upside down_P6E2841-01.jpg (74561 bytes)  Goshawk on Rabbit_P6E2854-01.jpg (78104 bytes)  Goshawk on Rabbit_P6E2856-01.jpg (84902 bytes)  Goshawk on Rabbit_P6E2857-01.jpg (97071 bytes)  Goshawk on Rabbit_P6E2859-01.jpg (119670 bytes)   Goshawk on Rabbit_P6E2860-01.jpg (116522 bytes)  Goshawk - Rabbit_P6E2872-01.jpg (103156 bytes)  Goshawk - Brian_P6E2847-01.jpg (138106 bytes)  Rabbit running_P6E2837-01.jpg (91700 bytes)  Rabbit running_P6E2865-01.jpg (79897 bytes)  

WESLEY. White Headed Vulture.

 Saved by Chris from a very bad home and cost hundreds of pounds in Vet's fees to get healthy.

Wesley White headed Vulture_6184_RT16.jpg (77211 bytes)  Wesley White headed Vulture_6175_RT16.jpg (38099 bytes) 

Rocky-IC2F1607.jpg (89265 bytes)  Rocky-IC2F1608.jpg (57335 bytes)  Ruples Vulture_P6E5598-1.jpg (46364 bytes)  Ruples Vulture_P6E5604-1.jpg (30722 bytes)  Ruples Vulture_P6E5609-1.jpg (38708 bytes)  


Click clapper-board to view video of people on Falconry course.

(8 minute video takes a couple of minutes to load).

People on Falconry courses.

Matt- Buzzard-IC2F1726.jpg (83176 bytes)  Rosalind and Buzzard_P6E7950-1.jpg (59579 bytes)  Rosalind and Buzzard_P6E7969-1.jpg (91376 bytes)  Rosalind and Buzzard_P6E7978-1.jpg (73976 bytes)  Rosalind and Buzzard_P6E7989-1.jpg (63708 bytes)  

Rosalind and Buzzard_P6E7990-1.jpg (77969 bytes)  Rosalind and Kestrel_P6E7920-1.jpg (67888 bytes)  Rosalind and Owl_P6E7867-1.jpg (107408 bytes)  Rosalind and Owl_P6E7876-1.jpg (86125 bytes)  Rosalind and Owl_P6E7896-1.jpg (57811 bytes)  

Falconry course-IC2F1593.jpg (83777 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1595.jpg (100640 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1596.jpg (86938 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1599.jpg (71099 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1669.jpg (84158 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1672.jpg (109178 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1675.jpg (76892 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1684.jpg (104610 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1705.jpg (99157 bytes) 

   Falconry course-IC2F1708.jpg (179660 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1709.jpg (116364 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1728A.jpg (100601 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1729.jpg (103466 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1732.jpg (121808 bytes)  Falconry course-IC2F1741.jpg (100654 bytes)  

More pictures taken at Falconry's.

Andys Bird_P6E5700-1.jpg (72838 bytes)  Andys Bird_P6E5704-1.jpg (79204 bytes)  Ferrungenus Buzzard Eagle_P6E5669-1.jpg (59507 bytes)  Ferrungenus Buzzard Eagle_P6E5684-1.jpg (69306 bytes)  Ferrungenus Buzzard Eagle_P6E5686-1.jpg (68700 bytes)  Ferrungenus Buzzard Eagle_P6E5689-1.jpg (72548 bytes)  Ferrungenus Buzzard Eagle-Head_P6E5690-1.jpg (76055 bytes)  Ferrungenus Buzzard Eagle-Head_P6E5691-1.jpg (68203 bytes)  

 Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F0525.jpg (29598 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F0532.jpg (51032 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1286.jpg (50028 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1287.jpg (52263 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F0528.jpg (42998 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1299.jpg (36497 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1521.jpg (55673 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1527.jpg (42839 bytes) 

 Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1529.jpg (50982 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1531.jpg (52061 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-IC2F1534.jpg (35763 bytes)  Archie-Bald Eagle-juv-IC2F1541.jpg (36941 bytes)  Archie-IC2F2024.jpg (36742 bytes)  

 Barney- Barn Owl-IC2F1565.jpg (39154 bytes)  Barney-Barn Owl-IC2F0614.jpg (32922 bytes)  Barney-IC2F2058.jpg (46139 bytes)  Barney-IC2F2060.jpg (43625 bytes)  Barney-IC2F2061.jpg (45331 bytes)  

Barny_P6E5894-1.jpg (68897 bytes)  Barny_P6E5528-1.jpg (49237 bytes)  Barny_P6E5529-1.jpg (57456 bytes)  Barny_P6E5531-1.jpg (69128 bytes)  Barny_P6E5875-1.jpg (52642 bytes)  Barny_P6E5892-1.jpg (49687 bytes)  Barny-12x10_P6E5872-1.jpg (63183 bytes)  Barny-12x10_P6E5893-1.jpg (56874 bytes)  

Bateleour Eagle chick-IC2F2051.jpg (55501 bytes)  Batteleur Eagle-juv_8835_RT16.jpg (30104 bytes)  Bateleour Eagle-juv-IC2F1548.jpg (30812 bytes)  Bateleur Eagle++_P6E5566-1.jpg (40762 bytes)  Bateleour Eagle-juv-IC2F1554.jpg (51400 bytes)    

Bateleour Eagle-IC2F0747.jpg (44547 bytes)  Bateleour Eagle-IC2F0854.jpg (40920 bytes)  Bateleour Eagle-IC2F1628.jpg (34722 bytes)  Bateleour Eagle-IC2F2219.jpg (39036 bytes)  Bateleour Eagle-IC2F2224.jpg (46217 bytes)  Batelour Eagle_P6E6002-1.jpg (49094 bytes)  Batteleour Eagle-IC2F0605.jpg (30323 bytes)  Batteleour Eagle-IC2F1362.jpg (32565 bytes) 

Batteleour Eagle-IC2F1365.jpg (30970 bytes)  Batteleour Eagle-IC2F1366.jpg (31268 bytes)  Batteleour Eagle-IC2F1377.jpg (48638 bytes)  Batteleour Eagle-IC2F1378.jpg (46746 bytes) 


  Ernie-Eagle Owl-10x8-IC2F0621.jpg (46424 bytes)  Ernie-IC2F0847.jpg (107776 bytes)  Geoffand Merlin_P6E5653-1.jpg (75437 bytes)  Geoffs Falcon_P6E5985-1.jpg (29179 bytes)  Johnny Caracara-IC2F2207.jpg (33542 bytes)  Johnny-Caracara-IC2F1354.jpg (34707 bytes)  Johnny-Caracara-IC2F1357.jpg (38893 bytes)  Merlin in stoop_P6E5642-1.jpg (31123 bytes) 

Osprey - Bassenthwaite_P6E5517-1.jpg (76807 bytes)  Osprey - Bassenthwaite_P6E5523-1.jpg (74851 bytes)  

Vera - Lappet Faced Vulture. One of my favourite birds and the biggest up to now.

  Vera-Lappet faced Vulture_5608_RT16.jpg (36592 bytes)  Vera-Lappet faced Vulture_5633_RT16.jpg (31315 bytes)     

Vera-Lappet faced Vulture_5614_RT16.jpg (31647 bytes)