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My name is Peter Bagnall and I hail from Heysham, Morecambe on the south side of the beautiful Morecambe Bay in Lancashire, UK. 

My interest in photography stems from the need to find another hobby to replace Salmon Fishing which was my first choice. Lack of fish due to commercial over-fishing and bad river management has meant a vast decline in the species and the season is now about 12 weeks long, so I had to occupy my time another way. I have always had outdoor hobbies and took pictures occasionally so when a long time pal, Stuart Desay, who has been a top amateur for many years suggested I take it more seriously I realised that it would fit the bill. Unfortunately I am one of those people (some would say idiots) who likes to do things right and so to fulfil my ambitions my Bank Balance is somewhat depleted. Still I have to believe him when he says there are no pockets in shrouds!! I was hoping to be the first to have them.

I am now a 'poor' bachelor having retired from my retail Fishing Tackle shops in Morecambe and Lancaster, after many years of making my hobby my work. I have been an angler for over 60 years and during the late 1960's early 70's I also took part in an allied sport - Surf Casting. For the uninitiated it is a bit like javelin throwing as it is distance casting of a fishing weight and it takes place on a 'V' shaped court, on grass. I won a dozen or so British Championship titles, several U.K. titles and culminated in 2 World Titles (4 oz and 2oz) in 1973 breaking the World distance record in the 2 ounce weight class. I have not cast competitively since those championships.

I also designed fishing rods for the international company of ABU including their most successful ever beachcasting rod named the Atlantic 484. My longest cast with that rod was on a demonstration in Barcelona when I cast 232 metres with a 4oz weight. I taught Salmon Fishing for some years with the North West School of Game Angling

But now it's photography.

All the pictures on my website are taken on Canon SLR digital cameras although I do use an EOS3 for slide photo's.  I like mainly Wildlife and particularly Bird photography, especially birds in flight, I have recently sold several prime long lenses up to 600mm f4 and purchased the Sigma 300mm-800mm f5.6 which I find to be excellent and much more versatile than the fixed length lenses. (Are you sure there are no pockets in shrouds? Bit late now). So it's all outdoor stuff with a leaning towards birds in general including birds of prey such as the Peregrine Falcon, Sparrow Hawk, Buzzards, Red Kites and Owls. There are also animals, landscapes and sunsets to look at. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do taking them. Click on this link to go to the CONTENTS PAGE.

My email contact details are enquiries@peterbagnall-photography.co.uk   PLEASE NOTE, TO HELP prevent spamming I have NOT HYPERLINKED this address so just copy and paste it into your email program, THANK YOU.