DAY 1.


We were staying three nights at the Mountain Village Lodge near Arusha and as we had a free day to recover from the journey we arranged for a guide to take us round the lake which is in the grounds of the lodge. The walk was around two miles of narrow woodland tracks and three quarters of the way round was a nice little outdoor bar with cold refreshing drinks and freshly cooked food if required. The guide was a godsend as without him we would probably have seen very little of the wildlife. We were joined by one of the park Rangers and they spotted lots of animals and birds we would have missed. They were not all photographable but at least we saw them.

Below are a sample of the photographs I took on the walk round.


Accommodation was in a 2 room bungalow style lodge with Bedroom/Lounge and separate Shower room. It was kept beautifully clean. The French windows led onto a lawned area with views over the lake and the numerous flowering shrubs and trees. In the flowering shrubs we saw numerous Mouse Birds with their crested heads and long tails, Common Bulbuls, dark headed with a pale breast and a bright yellow rump  A small flock of bright yellow White Eyes were also flitting about. Growing outside the front door was a Sausage Tree which had these large fruits which gave it it's name. For safety you were not allowed to walk around the lake unaccompanied. We would have missed so much if we had gone alone it was worth the small fee charged, about 2.50 each. We obviously rewarded the guides for there invaluable help.  


             Mouse birds and Common Bulbul.           


On the lake walk we saw a White Browed Coucal, Weaver Birds nest, Squacco Heron


a large (4") Spider, unknown raptor, and a huge (2 metres+) Monitor Lizard,


a Giant Kingfisher


Long tailed and other Cormorants, Black Crowned Night Herons,


and a quick snap at a Brown Breasted Barbet, listed as 'uncommon'.


We also saw a Bamboo grove and back at the lodge were the Mouse Birds and White Eyes.


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