Tuesday and Frank collected us from the lodge for the trip to the Tarangire National Park, famous for it's tree climbing Lions. Suffice it to say they were all on the ground while we were there and all too far away to photograph!


When we arrived at the Tarangire Park entrance, Frank had to go and pay for the permit and I noticed this Superb Starling wandering around the vehicles so I took the opportunity for a photograph. The colours are truly stunning. wandering off to the loo's I spotted this Mouse quite happily munching on some fallen seeds.


I suppose everybody takes a 'Zebra crossing' even if the jokes getting a bit thin now. More first's in the wild for me was this Yellow-necked Spurfowl and everything else here.

                                                        Wildebeests (Gnu's)


A White headed Buffalo Weaver and a Von der Deckens Hornbill, some unidentified birds and a Tawny Eagle.


Common Fiscal Shrike are common, Marabou Stork, Laughing Dove and a Grey Headed Sparrow.


Impala Doe and Buck then a Bare faced Go-away-bird.


Our first encounter with an African Elephant was this one crossing the road in front of us. It had right of way so we waited for it to pass before driving up the river side to see the female giraffe with two babies. We waited until they came for a drink before photographing them as they were a bit skittish and we first we let them settle. further along was a Goliath Heron.


Frank spotted this Pale Chanting Goshawk perched on a dead tree and just as I took the photograph it took off making an interesting shot. Black faced Vervet Monkeys are quite common. I even had to chase one out of the car when we made a toilet stop. It was rooting about in the back of the vehicle. We passed this Augur Buzzard resting.


The first close up encounter with the African Elephants and there was no doubt who had to give way and it was not them. Beautiful huge creatures.


One of the big bulls had a broken left tusk. Zebra were looking for shade at mid-day.


Back at Tarangire Tented Lodge where we were staying the night I photographed these from outside the tent.

Fischer's Lovebird, Elephants crossing the river, Ashy Starling and Little Bee Eaters.


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