We left Tarangire Lodge in the morning for another game drive in the Tarangire NP before our journey to the Lake Manyara reserve.


One of the first animals we spotted was this lovely Zebra foal and then the Common Water Bucks.


Next were the Wart Hogs that have this kneeling way of feeding. Also on the ground was this Von der Deckens Hornbill and shortly after this view of the river appeared.


We followed the trail down to the river bank and a flock of about a hundred Quelea flew up into the bushes. A long way off was this Pied Kingfisher but the long lens enabled me to get a picture. Feeding along the bank was a female Ostrich and a Namaqua Dove. Flying above was a magnificent Martial Eagle with its spotted chest and two metre wingspan.


The Marabou Stork was squat down near the river and I thought it looked unwell but Frank assured me that this was how they often rested after a big meal. The Little Bee Eater looked gorgeous in the bright sun. Then came our first Lions, resting in the shade, a family of a dozen or so. One mother and cub on top of an old Termite mound. One of the older females was keeping watch.


This Giraffe was managing to lick it's own nostril?? The Dik Dik was eating fallen seed pods while the Impala buck was rather jittery around the Lions.


It was rather a rough track but the trip was worth it in getting us close to some Grants Gazelles and on the Lake shore were some Egyptian Geese.


Pygmy Mongoose on a Termite mound were next followed by this Crowned Plover, a Fiscal Shrike and flying around us was a beautiful adult Bateleur Eagle.


I spotted a male Agama Lizard on a tree trunk which disappeared quickly but the female, sunning on a fallen branch obliged. Appearing over the tree tops was a magnificent African Fish Eagle which spent some time circling round. Then we came across this delightful Elephant calf with mum.


Further along the river was a mixture of animals including these Zebra and Giraffe and then we left the park to head for Lake Manyara.

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